February is here .....

Happy February sweethearts.
I know its been a month since I've blogged..been busy with family and a bit of gardening too..New beginnings.
I've managed to do some crafts..some turned out fine...
Ikea frame decoupaged/altered for a sweet couple we know
Recycled cereal box  into a monogram.(tutorial later)
Transformed the Dream sign (I made for Christmas)with doilies 

Now an epic faliure..
Was supposed to look like this
But life gave me this..#*#$#* -Lesson learnt- Never use paper doilies for this project.Period. 

I know u need some fresh air after seeing this..You can have a sneakpeak at what happening in my new balcony garden..well the balcony is not new but the garden is..But before that I need to tell you this..

I am blessed with lovely neighbours..and Shamim (a supamommy)talked me into starting a balcony garden..Thank you hun.Since Nov,weather in Dubai is absolutely amazing and she's been behind me to get started...gave me some seeds plus a lot of information-what to plant, how-tos,DIY compost etc.I started off by painting my pots during Christmas, then we finally got some plants from Warsan,(Outskirts of Dubai)planted some seeds,watering them religiously..watching our new babies grow. Honestly, it is very therapeutic!! (You should give it a try,you'll thank me later)Will post more about how its coming around..Oh and a sneakpeak..

Seasonal flowers plus a rental guy- garlic !!
Radish seedling-about to be transplanted.
Mr.T pampers this one a bit too much..and it definitely shows !!!Our Helianthus annuuss!!!
We are planning to give our ugly balcony a makeover..Will share the updates here..so stay with me on this journey..will really love to hear some creative space-saving ideas from all of you.



Hmm..the frames is cute :) I hope your balcony will look super smart with your efforts! carry onnnnn
Have fun & happy February :)

Nisha said...

even i love the frame and looking forward 4r ur balcony makeover....