Teens going green.

In one of my previous posts I mentioned Shamim, my friendly neighbour who inspired me to fall head over heels for veg gardening.Her 2 girls help her in gardening as well plus they have an amazing talent to create extraordinary things out of trash. You would be amazed at few of the things they have been involved in,during their holidays.Since its Earth day (its not to be confused with Earth Hour)on April 22nd, I thought I'll introduce 2 amazing girls I know who does their bit for sustainable greener living. Without much ado....

Here's featuring the 'Green -Crafty side' of Arsheen (15)and Afra (12),students of Our Own English High School,Dubai.
Afra(L)&Arsheen(R) in their own 'green' balcony garden.
When I was their age, I was clueless about the green movement,but these kids are very environmentally conscious.And that has been appreciated by KERA Go-green Project. 
Afra won 1st position in the Junior category of KERA-Young Science Talent Search 2010-11.The model was their own green and eco-friendly balcony garden.Home made compost and reusing plastic disposables as basic as it sounds -well, that's the whole idea of teens going green. They use just about anything and waste just about nothing..from yogurt tubs, plastic bins,water refill bottles,sacks all used for home-grown vegetables. Isn't that inspirational?

Now their 'crafty side', Inspired by the 3R's-Reuse,Reduce,Recycle,these girls work with just about any material-paper,packing material,clay,corrugated paper, styrofoam trays,disposable cups,plastic sheets and just any junk in general. 
For instance..who would've thought this faux-wood garden sign was made from styrofoam plate u get when u buy meat/milk sweets!!
I was so inspired by this piece of craft, that I instantly wanted to make one for my garden as well..Just a sneakpeak of my creation (will do the tutorial later)

These old vases below were revamped using just some tissue paper, yarn and some paint
Now some of their clay creations..absolutely fabulous. 
Love the detail on the bag !!
Say you have a large useless piece of paper, you ran out of colors, Well, you can actually create an exotic Indian tribal art-Worli.(using white ink, the favorite stationary of students)
How about these flowers from tissue paper? 
Cardboard recycled wall art
Now one of the best stuff of the lot...glass painting..or Not?? 
Did anyone guess this art was done on a plastic sheet(an old OHP sheet that was lying around)Who would've thought plastic? I tell you,these girls are full of surprises.

To all my teen readers, Making small decisions like Arshin and Afra can take you a long way.There are plenty of ways you can make a difference.

According to them,here's a quick list of some thing that any eco-interested teen can do to blaze a green trail among their peers..
1. There is absolutely no need of buying expensive gifts for your friends..True BFF would really appreciate a gift that is handmade with love, or even a small plant in a decorated pot is an amazing gift to make sure your friendship grows and blooms.Altered CD coasters,Paper bead necklaces are totally smart gifts too.Be creative in all possible ways.
2.When you are done surfing and IMing turn your computer off,
3.Get involved in Project earth/Go-green clubs.
4.Print less,write more.
5.Buy books/dvds/fashion accessories etc from flea markets-you will be surprised at what you just might find there plus the amount of pocket money you save.
6.Recycle everything-Plastics,batteries,phones,cans,CDs,paper,etc.
7.Donate your old clothes and books to charity, get your friends involved as volunteers and  most importantly,
8.Spread the word.

Recently I read about Abdul Mugeed, a 10 year old boy who was awarded for the little steps he took for a greener world.These little decision makers must be recognized and appreciated. 
Salute to Arsheen and Afra who are contributing their 2 cents for a greener tomorrow. Keep up the good work girls !! 
(Do comment and let them know your appreciation)