Instant Keepsake box

When I talk about Jr growing up so fast I get all teary eyed..He's 2.5 years (yeah not 25) ALREADY !!??!! Beaks my heart every time he tells me 'Mama no hold hands'and 'Go 'ou-tide' when he goes potty...Big boy (sigh) He hangs around with his new best friend-'No' these days..I just wish he does'nt grow up this fast--like a weed !

Faux-Mosaic Picture frame.

Love all things faux and frugal..

Was clearing 1/100th of my 'ocean of junk' and found few torn paper bags and brochures (left overs from the amazing  MBC goodie bags we got, at their launch party ) Though the bags were torn (mercilessly) the patterns were so amazing, I just dint feel like trashing them.So thought of going a bit 'green' and tried a mosaic craft with an Ikea frame that was lying around.

First day at (Blogger) School

So here I am,turning 31 in 2 days and today is officially my first day at B-school.As much as I'm excited to be here, I'm terrified too.

Crafts bring me I'm inspired by other 'mish mash' of anything that catches my eye.I hope I never stop loving, learning and crafting.Being an expat in Dubai is'nt easy for a crafter like me, coz we dont have Micheal's or Dollar store here :o( So that kinda makes me craft more...

Thanks for visiting my blog.I hope you find something here that inspires you.