Instant Keepsake box

When I talk about Jr growing up so fast I get all teary eyed..He's 2.5 years (yeah not 25) ALREADY !!??!! Beaks my heart every time he tells me 'Mama no hold hands'and 'Go 'ou-tide' when he goes potty...Big boy (sigh) He hangs around with his new best friend-'No' these days..I just wish he does'nt grow up this fast--like a weed !

Last December,while I was clearing his closet,found his first Christmas outfit and ..yeah time to get all teary eyed again...
Had to preserve this milestone..

 Knew I had this old clock stashed for' some redo', For me this was zero cost ,super quick project.
Take the clock apart,fold the outfit in a way it lies flat on one front side of the frame (His onesie,footed pants and beanie all went in without any fuss) I put a small note inside..I used some glue too..(the whole idea is for it to last, not pop open in a few months) Screw the back on.

There have it , An instant keepsake box .

Sorry about the flash

(I know the frame looks sooo Blah , This Christmas I'll decoupage this before it goes up on the wall.)

To all mommies reading this..Enjoy your motherhood..(Ahem) Since you can't hold back time or keep bricks on their head from growing up..(Hmm..not a bad idea though) you can always capture some of those precious moments by keeping a part of that wonderful memory in handmade(with love)keepsake boxes.
 Oh,btw this is what Jr looked like when he was a month old..

And this is he now with his BFF

Yeah my 2.5 year old 'blender' with no lid on. 

These are some common stuff that parents would love to treasure and preserve.(just to give you  some ideas):

1.Hand and foot prints
2.Ultrasound pictures,hospital tag,first clothes,Umbilical cord ,copy of newspaper/calender of the day the child was born
3.Pregnancy journal and baby record book with all milestones-tooth,lock of hair etc
4.Booties (thats on top of the list actually)

So Happy preserving mommies..Preserving mommies..?? ... WTH !!

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