Word of the day-Ampersand ..... &.......

Ampersand -a punctuation mark (&) used to represent conjunction (and)

Never knew Shift +7 {(&)} was called 'ampersand' until today..(yeah go on.. call me illiterate)

Thanks to Caroline of C.W.Frosting  for the lesson.
Her tutorial here  taught me what an ampersand is & how to make one with zero cost. Check it out,I'm sure you'll go yarn hunting in your attic once you are done reading this.(Oh btw I din't have to go hunting, coz I knew exactly where it was -for once !!)

Its a perfect Engagement photo accessory...For me it was love at first sight & I'm soo gonna make it & even put it up on my wall & show off my yet another zero-cost project & so on & so forth...

I heart hemp,jute,yarn, burlap& I've always been inspired to make stuff using them..Just a sneak peek of  2 unfinished projects..


A lesson well learnt ....(I guess)
Guess who won a blog award recently..?

                                                             Me !! YaY !! 

12th day of blogging ...
& I'm excited & humbled to find out I won Versatile blogger award from Jennie of  Kissed By a Frog..It's just what the doctor ordered (to treat first hiccup of a newbie blogger) Thank you sooooo very much Jennie,You made my day!!

Jennie has got some amazing tutorials  from Tutus to paper crafts & everything in between.If ,by some miracle,you  haven't 'kissed by a frog' yet, you should do yourself a favor & get over there..right after you are done here :-)
    As always there are rules that seem to go with blog awards ..(never knew about it until now)

1.Thank & link back to the person who awarded this to you
2.Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs (contact them to let them know-very important)
3.Share 7 things about you.

1.  Done & done
2.  I am passing this award onto 15 bloggers that I've recently gotten to know through their blogs & comments. Each one is inspiring in their own distinct ways & I'm going to leave it upto you to visit their blogs,which I highly recommend,inorder for you to see what makes them inspiring & why they ace at Art & Crafts.(Happy Blog Hopping)

this week's featured crafter Caroline of C.W Frosting 

3. & now 7 things about me..

 I love masala chai
 I cook coz I have to cook
 Hate maths,Love Chemistry
Wanna learn photography -someday
 I don't dance but I can sing..(I guess)
 Love accent walls.
80's child & love purple.

Well gang, that's it for now.Gotta fix dinner coz I have to..Be well & Stay blessed.

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