Drink milk..then make a bird house.Tutorial.

Ever since I'm working on my balcony garden, I wanted to have a birdhouse..Saw couple of tutorials on youtube..Since I'm not 'woody' I thought it was best to make one with an empty milk carton.Not technical..and zero cost plus a go-green project.
Materials needed:
Empty milk carton
Craft knife
Paper/scrapbook pages
Cardboard piece for roof & Skewers
Wash the carton and make a hole in the center,Poke one skewer just under the circle.
and another one through the sides..
 To make a sun-shaped entrance..trace a pattern on a cardboard and cut it (you can use a flower pattern too)
 Cut a piece like this one below..
 Now tape the carton..(this makes it easier for decoupaging)
 Now stick the cardboard pieces on the circle.
This is my desk pretty much all days during the project.

Cut roof from a cardboard piece, decoupage with beautiful papers on all side.(love this part).My fav SIL (Jenny)got me a lot of acrylics from India..(She makes the world's best fruit cake too!!) 
 Paint away....
 I used white and red combination..(coz thats the colors I want in my garden..started painting few pots too..wish me luck)
 So thats part 1.
Hot glue the roof on the carton and decoupage..

Home tweet home..I'm leaving you with this 80's song..Make a little birdhouse in your soul..Every soul needs a birdhouse..every garden needs a birdhouse.

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Hi Babita,
You are so smart, the birdhouse making with milk carton is just fun! I like the detail :)

Megan said...

cute! My son would love to make one of these.

creating memories.. said...

wow! this is such a neat idea!! should try soon :)

Christine said...

Oh oh oh!!! This is not the typical milk bird house... this is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

I would LOVE it if you stop by my blog too :)

Papgena Made It said...

very creative and green!! love it!
saw you on simple home life party!