All hearts come home for Christmas…(Wall Decor/sign Tutorial)

Inspired by this title..,I knew I wanted to make this sign,plus I get to try out my 'paper roll frames'
Items needed..
Foam board ,tracing paper,fine tip pens,large magazine,2 bamboo skewers,glue,embellishments,white paint for rolls (optional)
Roll the magazine sheets from a corner using 2 bamboo skewers(refer the pic.)
Roll them as tight as possible and cut to desired dimensions of the foam board that u need to work with.
(in between one  of my roll went missing, I almost accused Jr of running away with it, but in a minute I found this.!!.    
mercilessly chrushed under my chair…by my very own over-weight !!..You know the Crisis management  right?-Just roll another paper,silly.:o)
I used MS Word:font-Gigi/72  and traced it and further transferred it on to the foam board.(cant get easier than that)

Now let those creative juices flow..paint/color/embellish with just about anything.
I just stuck 3 hearts at the center, embellished with few  red playdough(recycled) for berries on the corners hand drew some snowflakes, glued the paper rolls on the corners and that’s it-job done.
(This will be a fun project for kids as well-go ahead ,let them finger paint one for their teacher or they can make a cute ornament as well. Cardboard can be used instead of foamboard too)
I found a temporary place for the sign, its going up the wall tomorrow.
Go green..
              But please come home for Christmas,Darlin…
Now playing:All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth..



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