No sew DIY Fabric pumpkin.-Tutorial

Pumpkin is the icon of fall.. I soo wanted one for my decor (we are not big on pumpkin pies)So why buy a real one and trash one afternoon while Jr was napping I got hold of an old yucky orange (very annoying piece of fabric) shirt of Mr.T and sat down to make a pumpkin pie.

You'll need :

Orange/Autumn inspired fabric
Scrap fabric for stuffing
Rubber band
Small piece of cardstock for base
Brown fabic/ribbon for stalk
Brown paper/fabric for leaves
Embellishments- Optional

See, I told you it was an ugly shirt.
Used one sleeve for one pumpkin.
Turn the shirt inside out and tie a knot with the rubber band

Cut a hole in the cardstock
With the right side out, pull the knot through the hole so it acts like a base.
Stuff 'em up. 
 You can use just about anything to stuff, I had Jr's single socks and Mr T's ties as the stuffing. 
 Secure the top with a clip, while I went searching for more rubber bands.
Tie the top real tight and trim the top

Bottom of the pumpkin.

Some twine to go around the pumpkin

and the stalk..
wrap a brown ribbon for stalk
Twist the stalk and add leaves and add embellishments like twigs and cute springy things with beads on them
This is soo easy, and a fun project to get your kids involved coz its No sew (Yay!)and get rid of their single socks or any annoying fabrics that are lying around. You can make these lil beauties large or small, and use them individually or in groups to make cute fall decorations.

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