Before I say 'Bye Bye November'..

December is almost here, and I'm smelling cinnamon already !
But before I say Bye Bye November, let me show you what I'm been busy with, during Thanksgiving.
I started off with a simple burlap wreath

Wanted to 'crop' him off the picture but how could I?
Thanks  to a lovely craft teacher from whom I got loads of burlap and raffia at Dubai flea market. Shukran-(Thank you in Arabic).So I made this wreath from scratch using, foam, paper, tape,few printables,burlap,some feathers,raffia,old soap 'n scrub  (!!) and bread Mr T's old tie stuffing !!
What thanksgiving without some good ol' stuffing.

Sorry guys, no tutorial,I dont wanna recreate a halloween at this time of the year.Trust me making this 
wreath was it was not difficult, but scary....!!!

But it turned out ok I guess, let me know if you disagree.

Mr T(like always) suspended the wreath on our main  door through the peep hole, so this is what happened on the inside while he was done :o) Could'nt do much about the allen  key (hex key)..Thanks for NOT noticing .

Banner from Dimple prints. 
It was all about layering....Textures,textures and more textures.This one below, landed on my microwave in the kitchen.

Moving on to our living room..

My best piece of the season...

Got this table cover from Aunt Nez..and the table came free from Yasmin's mommy .
Love you and Thank you.
Now, to my dining table..Simply layered some knick knacks, a candle, DIY-Fabric pumpkin (tutorial to follow) and my twig-arrangement. I found the  twigs from a park nearby, washed them and tied some printables, acorns and pines with burlap, put them in a vase with some corn kernals. 

My very own baby pumpkin.:o)
I wanted a relevant printable for my table..Seek and ye shall find it  here 

Frames for the wall...

From a scrap booking calender ..flea market find.

I consider this my mantle :o)

Decoupaged candles, 3 frames painted white and distressed with brown shoe polish (what???? I dint have brown acrylic paint!!)..with burlap(thats covering some old cassettes)..yup we still have cassettes in our house.

If you are sick of having corn soup..why not decorate with these lil bad boys? 

And amidst all the decorating 'madness', I didnt forget to cook..Dint take much pictures of the spread though..

We had Chicken roast (No hard feelings, Mr.Turkey), mash 'n gravy, stuffing, garlic bread, pork chops,spinach and cheese balls and banana bread with cookies and cream icecream.
Not the typical thanksgiving dinner..but we all ate till we felt like we were gonna burst..thanked the Lord for His blessings and had a nice evening with the Tellis'.

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving..

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