JoY tO ThE wOrLd .......(Inspired by House of Smiths)

Jesus is the reason for the season.....

Shelley from House of Smiths :o)  inspires me every now and then..Her ever-changing kitchen vignette area makes me 'ever-drooling'.Check it out and you'll know what I'm talking about.
Her vignette area screams "Christmas''...maybe I should rephrase 'elegantly screams' Christmas !!!!!!!
It is such Joy..It is JOY.........
Thank you Shelley and Merry (almost) Christmas.

I dint have Doily plates or vinyl lettering..but I had doilies (Grin). The idea was born last night after Jr went to I was a good girl -not to send Mr.T to the store at night to pick up anything more for the project, used items that were lying around the house..and it dint take much time to finish it..Tutorial to follow

                                                              This is Shelley's Joy......

.......and this is my Joy

Sorry about the picture quality..but what do you think about the faux doily JOY plates ??

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