Faux Doilyplates-Christmas Decor-Tutorial

Last night Shelley's (House of Smiths) milky white doily plates  inspired me to make ....
Faux Doily plates

I wanted to make 3- for  J.O.Y.

You can make just about any Christmas words with them, some being:  Believe,Faith,Noel,Peace,Ho ho ho.
I used the following items (including tracing paper)

Cut the circle of the foam board to fit the center of the doily
Sand the edges 
See the difference....
Tracing time. !!!! 

Use a sharp pencil and draw the pattern on to your foam board with the tracing paper, then just darken it later with the felt tip marker.
Glue one doily under the foam board
Once you are done coloring , glue the other doily on top, just make sure you use minimal glue on top, just the edges.
Outline with the marker
One down..2 more to go...
I'm joyful already..... :o)

Now the J.O.Yful reveal..

We are yet to start our Christmas decorations.. Once its Dec 1st, we are gonna take out the baubles and deck the halls....So by then this lil JOY will find a nice place this Christmas ....

Y'all  have a J.O.Y.ful Christmas

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Jennifer @ Just A Girl said...

Wow! What attention to detail you have! This looks great and I would have never thought of sanding the edges of foam board. I will keep that in mind for future projects.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Found you via link party.