Faux-Mosaic Picture frame.

Love all things faux and frugal..

Was clearing 1/100th of my 'ocean of junk' and found few torn paper bags and brochures (left overs from the amazing  MBC goodie bags we got, at their launch party ) Though the bags were torn (mercilessly) the patterns were so amazing, I just dint feel like trashing them.So thought of going a bit 'green' and tried a mosaic craft with an Ikea frame that was lying around.

This is what you need ...

I used white acrylic paint since I wanted a white frame .After drying sandpaper it once, to remove the rough edges

I got few of these words from a brochure 

Play around with all  possible designs and only settle for the best :o)

To make sure that the pieces remain intact you can use extra glue on each piece before sticking on the frame..but I din't..(No patience here.)

You need to dilute the white glue a bit, else it will dry milky and not clear.

Leave it to dry for about 8-10 hours,then you can use white ink in between for that faux-grout effect,and varnish or else do another coat of decoupage on it. 

So here's my faux-mosaic frame 

One of our friend's mom and I share the same B'day so I made something personalized for her-The Tellis Family. Though I just met her last night , I must say -She is an inspiration to all women...I'm just  glad I found the right words to put on the frame..Love,Faith,Hope,Courage and Inspiration. 

Hope Aunt Inez will like it... How about you..?

and now Crafty Sideup is officially Live. 

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creating memories.. said...

such a cool idea! I'am lifting this ;))