Decoupaged Silhouette plate-Tutorial (Inspired by Khadija)

One of the coolest thing that caught my attention when I started crafting was decoupage..a simple technique which can totally give your home decor a makeover..and I got my basic lessons from one of the most creative girl I've ever known..Khadijah (Kiran)!! She is a wonderful crafter..passionate all things artsy, and Creative Mind is the best place for beginners..loaded with step by step tutorials, simple techniques but the end products will definitely take your breath away.She is known for her Henna designs, Islamic calligraphy,Silk painting,Hand embroidery, and my favorite Decoupage.(the easiest for a lazy goose like me).She is majoring in Philosophy too!! Yay Super woman..I'm so glad I know her and the most wonderful thing about her is she always replies to your emails, and almost all her 1000 followers seem to know her very personally...She is a gem. This one is for you Kiran.
The day I saw this.., I knew I'm making it someday.So here's my version..

And now Khadija's version..
Since I dont have printing blocks,and since I do have an almost 3 yr old lil monkey, I thought maybe it was best to use one of his pictures.
Materials used (It was a zero-cost project for me since I had all these at hand)
Disposable plate(go green plus highly recommended if you have lil Mr Tornado around)
Old book
fine tip and permanent marker
teabags/brown paint & varnish-Optional
Plate display stand 'helping' mama)

Mix equal parts of white glue and water and decoupage the plate..(ofcourse its kid-friendly)But if they try to take over, just give them another plate with the same supplies and let them off your back  create a masterpiece!!(thats what i did)I'm sure Khadija dint have to deal with this technical issue..phew..
Dont forget the sides and the back..let it dry.

I had a sideways picture of Jr (just when his hair started curling..He was about 14months)I just traced.!!!Yeah I'm 31 and I still trace..the outline.Dint worry about the 'curly' details
Now when I look at the I wish I had an oval frame or an oval disposable plate..Flea market,here I come.
Then darken the other side of the paper, position it on the plate and go over the pattern with a pencil, you'll get the impression on the plate.
Mr.T got me my Staedtler kit few months back..I absolutely love the finetip markers (not pictured)-perfect partners for fine lines..
Once its done..go make some deserve it..(need the teabags for aging the plate please go make some tea) If you still got some energy without the tea, get your water colors..I used Burnt Sienna (Reeves brand new,never used-18 colors:5 aed(less than 2 $)-Flea market find!!!! Bygosh..I'm a bragger!!!
Found this useful for aging paper.May be for another project..

I heart all things handmade with love..and somethings we make just becomes so sentimental that you would just want to look at it on a not-so-happy day.If God allows, 20 years from now my lil boy might carry a mahawk instead of these curls..but these are the little pleasures that we moms can enjoy right now..right seize the moment..picture it..paint it. or even silhouette it..
Laughs of Joy
Cries of  sadness
All worth

Thank you Khadija once again for helping me keeping my memories....Love you girl. 

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Andrea said...

Goodness me! That is the SWEETEST comment{S} anyone has ever left me! How cute are you!!!! I even made my hubby come read it! :) {he pretended to care lol} Thanks for becoming my new blog friend!! I am excited to see what fun things you come up with as well!! That silhouette plate is adorable!!!
And I WILL be hiding my piggy :)
Thanks again you made my week!!


Hi Babita,
its super sweet to read this super lovely post, how sweet you junior is a good helper..God Bless..
Thanks for being inspired & for writing this Lovely post about me! I will feature it soon in my "Inspired By Creative Mind Series"
All the Best ~

Katherines Corner said...

SO sweet, and creative too. xo