Mish mash series... Bread pudding

Lately someone asked me whats with the 'daily mish mash'??
Well..its mish mash that happens daily..lol..
I've been fascinated and inspired(and turned all green) by food blogs and tried few recipes with my own modifications..(Not into photography so I dont do the powdered sugar seive and all that)

Here's one I tried -No fuss Bread Pudding.and it was an instant hit !!
I'm bad with measurements, My recipe does'nt call for specifics..so just go with the flow and adjust everything according to your taste.
In a buttered baking dish..add 
I used condensed milk for making custard..love the flavor.  
For a loaf , I used about 4 eggs.

Make sure that the warm custard is poured slowly,to cook the eggs.

First time I dint pour enough-for the cubes to just float (Pic 8)
So instead of just adding plain milk, you can add the leftover crusts with sugar/condensed milk.
Pour away... (does'nt get easier than this.can it?)
Scroll back and see the levels in Pic 8..
Fire up the oven..preheat..blah..blah...and

Some like to have it cold..but I'd have it warm with a scoop of vanilla icecream,drizzled with some caramel/date syrup) 
Enjoy the season..and happy mishmash baking.



it seems so easy & yummy too..hmmm

DubaiDays said...

Mmmm! Yummy! I think I might try this. My husband loves bread pudding!

Kala said...

Delicious I would love to have caramel syrup on it :)

Lina - Fancy Frugal Life said...

Oh my hubby loves bread pudding :) Will have to remember this one! Thanks so much!